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Emotank manufactured by FIC SPA is a process tank designed for the animal blood. In the tank the blood is stored and kept at low temperature, this allows its conservation. With Emotank it is so possible to optimise the blood collection from the slaughterhouse, to solve eventual draining problems and generally to use the animal blood “resource”  in the optimum manner for feedstuffs, fertilizers, sausages etc.
Emotank completely in stainless steel, is designed to work with freon and can be supplied with or without cooling unit. It is equipped with the Trapcold® heat-exchanger as evaporator. Normally it is supplied with automatic washing system and with electronic controller.
On request it can be with two manways.
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  • Emotank

Emotank is particulary indicated for:

For a full description of the Emotank and technical details please download: