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Falling Film

The Falling Film produced by FIC is used in the following industries and fields: dairy beverage, meat and fish and generally when it is needed a continuous and constant flow rate of chilled water at 1°C.
The heart of FIC Falling Film is the battery of Trapcold® plates on which a continuous and constant water flow falls down in form of a very thin film, whilst inside the plates there is a refrigerant medium (freon, ammonia, glycol). A special device on top of the plates allows to have uniform and constant distribution of the water onto the plate’s surface, then the water is collected in a bottom insulated tank and is ready to be sent to the users.
The FIC Falling Film is completely in stainless steel; it is developed to give to the user the complete guarantee of both cooling and hygiene: this is very important because the Falling Film is mostly used in the food industry. 
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Falling Film is particulary indicated for:

For a full description of the Falling Film and technical details please download: