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Trapcold® solutions

It is possible to use Trapcold® in several applications and for each one to verify the working conditions so to find the best solution. Particularly the Trapcold® are optimally adaptable for cylinders (for tobacco drying, for mud thicker, for wood pellet drying, for freon evaporator etc), trays (for screw dryers for solid and viscous fluids, in the olive oil industry), hoppers (for temperature controls of powders products, polymers, viscous fluids), tanks and basins (dyeing bath, brine tanks), covers (to avoid condensation in dyeing lines), tunnels (for spinning plants), insulated panels (for textile plants in steam tunnel, for cooling and cooking tunnels). FIC manufactures also Trapcold® elements based on customers’ know-how for chemical reactors.

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Trapcold® solutions is particulary indicated for:

For a full description of the Trapcold® solutions and technical details please download: