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TECNOTANK are tanks for processing, manufactured by FIC SPA that are designed for the thermal treatment of several fluids. All the tanks have the Trapcold® jacket and/or bottom for heat-transfer and stirring system designed according to the physical properties of the fluid to be processed. TECNOTANK can be in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L. Particular features (e.g. special fittings, manways etc.) are discussed case by case with the customer. The capacities goes from 150lt up to 15000lt. The shape is normally vertical and cylindric. FIC SPA can manufacture also tanks suitable to work under pressure, in such a case the relevant PED certification is supplied.
Some examples of TECNOTANK are: tanks for cream with special scraper agitator, tanks for yogurt, tanks for chocolate temperature keeping, tanks for brine, tanks for honey, tanks for wax.
A particular range of TECNOTANK are the melters: these are special tanks with a heated (with water) grid in the top internal part of the tank on which it is placed the product to be melted and that initially is in solid phase. Due to the heat-transfer, the product get liquid and, dropping down, is collected on the tank's bottom, that is heated with a Trapcold® jacket, and where also an agitator allows to keep it in liquid phase: typical applications are for butter and chocolate and these are widely used in the ice-cream and sweet and cakes industry.
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