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The batteries or banks of Trapcold® plates are one of the most wide diffused type of Trapcold® based product.
They are the ideal solution for the liquid/gas or liquid/liquid heat-transfer and are widely used in the refrigeration, when it is needed the continuous production of chilled water or for ice-accumulation (e.g. in the dairies, for the fish and meat process lines, for vegetable and fruit washing lines).
The Trapcold® batteries are also widely used in the heat-recovery applications (e.g. to recover energy from high temperatures exhaust streams in the pulp&paper industry), in the galvanic and surface treatments industry (to keep the temperature of the bath at constant values) and in the chemical one (e.g. as top condenser of distillation columns, as internal part of reactors, for the condensation of vapour streams etc). Other applications can be evaluated case by case.
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Batteries is particulary indicated for:

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