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рекуперация тепла из сточных вод и жидких загрязненных сред

THERMX is the solution studied by FIC to recover energy from dirty effluents that can be from both civil or industrial origin and that would be otherwise lost. 

It is and heat-exchanger that can work even with very dirty fluids, this thanks to its self-cleaning principle: in fact, it is formed by a system of pillow-plates rings assembled in a concentric way and against whose surfaces there is continuously rotating brush system, that is part of the THERMX construction and that keeps them clean constantly. 

The warm and dirty fluid flows in the space from one ring to the other by gravity, whereas in the pillow-plate rings the clean fluid is pumped so the heat is transferred to it. The whole system is simple and functional: the brushes, with their continuous and circular movement, beyond to guarantee the surface cleaning, ensure enough turbulence as well, so the heat-transfer is efficient and the heat-transfer coefficient is at high value and constantly. 

Maintenance is limited, thanks to the robust construction that FIC studied and developed, knowing the typical needs deriving from the operation in such an environment with this types of dirty effluents.  

THERMX is entirely made of stainless steel: its range covers energy recovery capacity up to 500kW per single unit, with flow rate from a few m3/h and up to 100 m3/h. 

THERMX can be used for direct heat-recovery or used in a heat-pump installation. 

Typical uses of the THERMX are:

  • Civil: wellness centers, SPA, swimming pools
  • Industrial: vegetable processing lines (potatoes, carrots etc), slaughterhouses, dairy plants, pulp&paper, tannery, textile plants, industrial washing lines etc. 
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