A certified and environment-friendly company

Tecnologie per lo scambio termico


A certified and environment-friendly company

Tecnologie di scambio termico in Valchiavenna


A certified and environment-friendly company

FIC: soluzioni per lo scambio termico


FIC S.p.A. has always invested in the quality of products and processes, in line with its heritage. This long-standing approach was recognised in 2001 when quality stamp ISO 9001:2015 was awarded.

In 2002 we achieved a CE stamp in keeping with the regulation PED 2014/68/EU module H-H1 for pressurised tanks.
By respecting Regulation (CE) 1935/2004, we are able to guarantee the traceability of all components which are in contact with food.

FIC is certified by the French body LNE as outlined in the  “Dècret 2001-387 du 03/05/2001” and the “Decision du 29/10/2004” for the production of milk tanks which can be used as measuring instruments.

From 2018, all of our welding processes for every one of our products has been certified to correspond to regulation UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021. This has been possible thanks to the skilful and qualified management of the consolidated welding process over decades of production, now overseen by an internal welding engineer and numerous other welding supervisors, as well as thanks to many other highly specialised and trained employees.

In addition, since 2018 FIC is certified with ASME U-STAMP for goods manufactured in pressurised equipment, in line with American legislation. 

Regulation CE no. 2015/2067 ex 303/2008 F-GAS for the installation and maintenance of equipment which uses fluorinated greenhouse gases is adhered to, to ensure environmental protection and safety.

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FIC Spa is “Cribis Prime Company”

On July 17 2023 FIC Spa obtained the recognition of maximum commercial reliability from the renowned business information company CRIBIS D&B.

The CRIBIS Prime Company is a recognition of great value given that every year it is awarded only to 7% of the over 6 million Italian companies. CRIBIS D&B attributes this recognition using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator which, based on a statistical algorithm, measures the probability that a company generates serious commercial defaults. Numerous variables are used for the calculation, including personal information, indexes and balance sheet data, company seniority, payment experience, presence of negative information.

The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is therefore the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an organization and is issued only and exclusively to companies that constantly maintain high economic-commercial reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

Being a reliable partner for stakeholders is one of the founding principles of our company policy.



Pillow plate

The heart of steel within heat exchange: technology developed over the course of decades within FIC S.p.A. in the search for innovative, efficient and highly-versatile solutions for every industrial sector.

Two sheets of stainless steel are spot welded together - through laser or resistance welding - and then are sealed round the edges. Following this they are inflated to created an inner air gap where the heat exchange of gas/liquid occurs.
The Pillow Plate plates can either have a double embossing, where both metal sheets have the same thickness and are both deformed, or it can be done through single embossing, and in this case the thinnest metal sheet is deformed, leaving the thicker one completely flat. 


Ever since the company was founded in 1951, welding has always been at the heart of FIC production processes.  With experience gained over the years, the introduction of three laser welding lines - two using CO2 and one using fibre - plus a resistance spot-welding line - ensure FIC is the global benchmark in the heat exchange market.

This focus and dedication to improvement has allowed FIC to obtain the certification for every single welding process carried out, in accordance with regulation UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2021.