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FIC products can be divided into three main families: food, refrigeration and industrial.

1. FOOD sector: this concerns the whole food industry, in particular refrigerators for milk, pasteurisers and ageing tanks for ice-cream, eggs, beer fermenters and ageing tanks, and anything else which needs a heat exchange process in the food sector. The majority of these products involve the use of the Pillow Plate technology to guarantee the heat exchange.

2. REFRIGERATION sector: this includes various systems to produce chilled water at +1°C including ice production, direct production or through a falling film system. FIC is the world leader in the construction of eutectic plates used in refrigerated transport.

3. INDUSTRIAL sector: this is focused on developing and providing specific and customised heat exchange solutions using systems based on the Pillow Plate. These uses can be found in every industrial sector, such as the chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, food, energy, mining, pharmaceuticals and textile industries.  The FIC INDUSTRIAL products can be used in various processes: 

  • PROCESS THERM heat recovery from wet flue gas streams or with significant residual powder contents
  • FIC HEAT-EXCHANGERS heat exchangers for the separation process, overhead condensers
  • FIC PILLOW PLATES heat exchange elements for reactors, freeze-drying, hydropower plant cooling  – FIC PILLOW PLATES
  • FIC PILLOW PLATES BUNDLES heat conditioning for surface treatment baths.

Food Sector

Applicazioni Alimentari serbatoi per il latte


Serbatoi e prodotti refrigerazione per gelateria

Ice Cream

Piastre per enologia

Plates for the wine industry

Serbatoi di processo FIC S.p.A.

Processing tanks

Refrigeration Sector

Prodotti FIC per refrigerazione acqua gelida

Refrigeration- Chilled water

Piastre Eutettiche

Eutectic Plates

Industrial Sector

Prodotti Pillow Plate

Pillow Plate Heat Exchangers

Scambiatore di calore fic

Heat Exchangers