Recupero del calore



Heat recovery is an efficient system to achieve financial savings, by reducing the environmental impact of industrial activity.

Thanks to the specific products developed, FIC can provide useful solutions to recover heat from warm gases. The units are designed and built around the actual requirements of the client. The most frequent uses are in the paper industry, the food industry, electrical and district heating centres.

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Heat Recovery: our range of products
Pillow Plate Heat Exchangers
Batterie di piastre FIC S.p.A.

Bundles of plates

Fasciami Pillow Plate


Soluzioni Pillow Plate

Other uses - Pillow Plate

Heat Exchangers
Process Therm FIC

Heat recovery and Process Therm

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Scambiatori di calore FIC

Other special uses


Dairy industry
Food industry
Drinks industry
Chemical industry
Refrigerated transport
Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers