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Flue Gas Condensers

This product has a set of Pillow Plates at its core. It originates from Process Therm but has much greater dimensions and heat potential.
As with all FIC S.p.A. exchangers, it has been designed by our engineers to meet the specific needs of the process of which it will form part.
Thanks to the use of advanced mathematic models and calculation methods, optimal performance is guaranteed.

Flue gas condensers are used in combustion units which use wet combustibles, such as biomass or solid urban waste.
Once it has provided high temperature energy in the boiler, combustion gas from the burner flows externally through the plates of the Flue gas condenser. Internally, all that circulates is water, which could be re-used water from district heating, or heating water used in industrial zones.  The humidity in the combustion gas condenses and allows for latent heat recovery.  Depending on the dimensions of the plates, it is possible to reach moderate values of DT gas/liquid and to push the efficiency of this exchanger to the maximum.
In the construction of this condenser, normal austenitic stainless steel (for example AISI 316L) is used. However, in cases of particular mechanical or corrosion issues, SAF2205, SMO 254  and others are used instead. This type of condenser has proven operational experience in thermal energy generators or cogenerators of small, medium and large power (with boilers from 2 to 200-250 MW). 

In addition to the energy recovery carried out with Flue gas condensers, it is also possible to clean combustion gases in a more efficient way than using tube condensers. Compared with these, the use of plates reduces any loss of gas load and has clear economic advantages.
The Flue Gas Condensers by FIC can be supplied with a range of sizes of vapour entry and exit points, as well as other channels for entry and exit vapour.
Using these condensers can give up to a +25% increase in unit efficiency, providing return on investment in a short time.
Condensers are also used in other instances where the use of the Pillow Plate technology gives a clear technical and economic advantage.         

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Flue Gas Condensers

Recommended because

  •     Heat recovery
  •     Biomass combustion
  •     Solid urban waste combustion
  •     Uses corrosion-resistant materials
  •     Civil and industrial district heating
  •     Retrofitting of existing units
  •     Increases the efficiency of generators
  •     Reduces loss of charge
  •     Design flexibility


Flue Gas Condensers it is particularly indicated for:
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Chemical industry

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