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FIC Heat Exchangers for other applications

The heat exchangers designed and built by FIC represent the ideal solution for many industrial purposes and processes. Their use can cover a vast operational range of pressures, temperatures and fluid types.

The exchangers can be used for gas/gas, gas/liquid or liquid/liquid exchanges; in every case there is a clear advantage in their use when the fouling factor of the waste fluid is not negligible. Thanks to their accessibility, the plates can easily be cleaned reducing the maintenance time for the machinery to a minimum.

In addition to these aspects, Pillow Plates, when compared with tubes, guarantee significant advantages in terms of exchange surface as it is greater even when the same volume is occupied. The heat exchange coefficient ends up being much higher, due to the increased turbulence inside the plate.

In certain fluid dynamic configurations, these aspects are particularly accentuated, such as with evaporation processes using a thin film.


The FIC heat exchangers can be directly integrated into machinery such as columns, vessels or similar units, or can become individual units, in which case the normal solution is the shell and plate. In this case the exchanger is also designed from a structural point of view which can also be done through FEM analysis.

FIC can build exchangers using austenitic steel (AISI 304, 304L, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 904L) or an alloy or duplex steel (SMO 254, SAF2205, 2307, LDX 2101, etc).

Typical uses for these exchangers are: 

  •     Multiple-effect evaporators
  •     thin film evaporators
  •     overhead condensers for distillation and purification columns 
  •     crystalliser inners
  •     chemical reactor inners
  •     refrigerator for waste water treatment
  •     recuperators and preheaters of processing flows
  •     thin film refrigerators on high-power heat pump units
  •     dehydrators and mud thickeners.

Recommended because

Particularly suitable for:

  •     versatility
  •     liquid/liquid, liquid/gas, gas/gas exchange
  •     chemical and petrochemical industries
  •     multiple-effect evaporators
  •     overhead condenser
  •     heat recovery
  •     chemical reactors.


FIC Heat Exchangers for other applications it is particularly indicated for:
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