Prodotti Pillow Plate

Pillow plate - jackets for tanks

The creation of plates using Pillow Plate technology represents an advantage in terms of the efficiency of the heat exchange when compared with traditional double chambers or semi-tubes.
The Pillow Plate plating can be supplied either calendered and ready for use, or flat and not inflated if transport costs need to be minimised.
Dimensions, finishing, couplings and other technical and functional aspects are decided face to face with the client. 
Pillow Plate platings are used in milk refrigeration as well as drinks and food in general. Pillow plate is particularly suited to the heating and cooling of tanks.
Some specific models are supplied for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to be used as high-thickness metal sheets depending on the processes involved.

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Pillow plate - jackets for tanks

Recommended because

- They simplify and speed up the construction of heat exchange tanks

- laser welding means they can adapt to different client requirements

- highly flexible

- suitable for tanks in the wine, beverage, beer and food industries.


Pillow plate - jackets for tanks it is particularly indicated for:
FIC: macchinari per l'industria lattiero casearia

Dairy industry

Serbatoi per l'industria alimentare

Food industry

Prodotti per il controllo della temperatura nella produzione delle bevande

Drinks industry

Sistemi di controllo della temperatura per impianti chimici

Chemical industry

Sistemi per il recupero del calore

Heat Recovery

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