Prodotti FIC per refrigerazione acqua gelida

Falling Film Chillers

FIC Falling Film is used in the dairy, drinks, meat and fish industries, and anywhere that needs a constant flow of chilled water at +1°C. Other uses are in cement production.

At the heart of FIC Falling Film is a PILLOW PLATE bundle of plates, designed and produced by FIC, on which a constant flow of water falls in the form of a fine film. Inside the plates there is a refrigerant such as freon, ammonia, glycol or CO2.   A special distribution tank permits the optimal flow of water on to the plate bundle. Once the water is cooled, it flows into a gathering tank from where it is released for use. 

FIC Falling Film is made entirely in stainless steel, and was developed to give the user the maximum in cooling efficiency as well as simplicity in cleaning. This last point is particularly important, since the main sectors who use Falling Film tend to be within the food industry. Our engineers will design Falling Film to meet the needs of the client.

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Falling Film Chillers

Recommended because

Limitless quantities of water, close to zero degrees, designed with the client in mind.
High performance guaranteed by specifically designed and tested Pillow Plates.
High attention paid to details in order to meet food industry requirements.


Falling Film Chillers it is particularly indicated for:
FIC: macchinari per l'industria lattiero casearia

Dairy industry

Serbatoi per l'industria alimentare

Food industry

Prodotti per il controllo della temperatura nella produzione delle bevande

Drinks industry

FIC: sistemi di refrigerazione


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