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Red Ice Water Chillers

For continuous production of chilled water, FIC offers the RED system, which is made of a separate tank with covers which can be opened and isolated, with an inner heat exchanger which is made of a series of PILLOW PLATES in stainless steel. The plates contain a cooling fluid. The chilled water flows continuously into the tank. The efficiency of the system is guaranteed by a special air circulation system on the bottom of the tank.
The unit is open in order to avoid any possible problems due to ice formation. This also means that it is extremely easy to clean.

FIC S.p.A offers two models of RED:

    RED COMPACT, made entirely from stainless steel with a pre-installed refrigeration unit. Power to 100 kW and above;
    RED BLU for power above 60 kW with a stainless steel tank or zinc-plated steel (the plate bundles are always made of stainless steel) supplied with or without a refrigeration unit.

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Recommended because

This continuously produces chilled water at +1°C within a smaller tank dimension. Optimal heat exchange from the Pillow Plate bundles developed and made by FIC. It is highly reliable and extremely simple to install and use. Every unit is internally tested before being dispatched.


Red it is particularly indicated for:
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Dairy industry

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Food industry

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Drinks industry

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