Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers

Thanks to the long experience in the design and construction of heat exchangers based on the Pillow Plate concept, FIC has created extremely efficient Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers. The FIC S.p.A. Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers are designed using dedicated calculation software, both for thermal and mechanical dimensions, and are built in accordance with rigorous standards and a series of tests in order to guarantee clients an entirely reliable, efficient and effective product. 

The product is used in thermal treatment of granular or powder solids.

Thanks to the use of the Pillow Plates, the Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers are able to guarantee considerable service advantages compared with traditional systems (such as fluidized bed systems) where the thermic treatment of the product happens in an indirect and predominantly controlled way.

These products are used inmultiple industrial sectors: in the chemical sector for cooling fertilizers - urea, NPK, KCI, phosphates etc - during the production cycle or for the thermic conditioning of inorganic salts - carbonates, borates, sulphates etc.

In the food sector they are used for cooling sugar, coffee, thermic treatment of soya beans or sunflower seeds in the pressing process.

In the metallurgical sector for cooling foundry sand. In the energy sector for heating vegetable seeds to produce biodiesel amongst other purposes.

FIC S.p.A. can supply these exchangers with all equipment needed to carry out their function, including the modules for the management of convective fluids, control and management systems and all else needed for a complete turnkey solution.

FIC S.p.A. can also develop marketplace trials with clients, thanks to pilot units which can reproduce situations which could occur in an industrial context on a smaller scale, in order to be able to work out the best solution tailored for the single characteristics of each specific unit.

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Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers
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Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers
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Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers
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Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers

Recommended because

  •     fertilizers
  •     sugar
  •     vegetable oil seeds
  •     foundry sand
  •     cooling before packaging
  •     energy saving
  •     operational flexibility
  •     possibility to integrate
  •     retrofitting of existing units


Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers it is particularly indicated for:
Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers: FIC S.p.A.

Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers